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Multi-Story Buildings
Crafting skylines, empowering visions. Our expertise shapes towering structures, merging design and functionality for vibrant spaces that inspire and elevate modern living.
Hotels & Convention Centers
Elevating hospitality experiences. Our expert-built spaces blend luxury and functionality, creating immersive environments for unforgettable stays and seamless events.
Public Park
Nurturing green legacies. Our expert-built parks harmonize nature and design, providing communities with vibrant, sustainable spaces that foster well-being and connection.
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Civil Engineering

Sierra is a leading building and civil engineering contractor with over three decades of experience spanning diverse sectors and a variety of clients in the public and private sector. Since the Company’s foundation in 1981, we have successfully delivered a number of large-scale building construction projects including landmarks such as the Faculty of Medicine – University of Sri Jayewardenepura; the Epilepsy Unit of National Hospital Sri Lanka (NHSL); and the 172,000 sqft Magam Ruhunupura International Convention Centre. The Company’s proven track-record in the Buildings sector is founded on a dedicated and highly-experienced team, continuous adoption of new technology, introduction of innovative practices, establishment of stringent project management standards, and a commitment to safety that is ingrained in our culture. These elements have enabled Sierra to consistently deliver high quality buildings that exceed the expectations of our clients.

Service Excellence

Over 40 year of unblemished track record of successful completion of large scale communication project for local and foreign telecom operators

Through qualified manpower and latest technology used in implementation has assured service excellence for end user.

Committed to deliver networks which last for long and value for money in term of expected Quality.

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