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Water Treatments Plants
Engineering purity for a sustainable world. Our expert-built plants deliver clean water solutions, harmonizing technology and ecology for healthier communities and environments.
Sewerage Treatments Plants
Building cleaner futures. Our expert-built plants harmonize technology and environment, delivering efficient solutions for healthier communities and sustainable progress.
Transmission & Distribution Networks
Flowing progress, quenching lives. Our expert-built networks ensure efficient water supply, fostering resilient communities and sustainable development for a better tomorrow.
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Water Supply & Sewerage

Sierra’s experience in the Water sector spans more than two decades, with the successful delivery of major projects that have brought clean water to thousands of people, and ensured millions of gallons of wastewater were returned safely to the natural ecosystem. Water sustains all life on Earth, and yet fresh water is rapidly becoming a rare resource. As such, our engagement in the Water sector is a vital component of the Company’s sustainable journey. Sierra’s Water sector experts and engineers bring decades of experience and leverage industry-leading technology to provide clients with comprehensive solutions. Firmly entrenched in our client-focused approach is Sierra’s innovative and sustainable solutions for the growing challenges facing our people and planet. Through all the water solutions we provide, we remain committed to protecting the environment and fostering sustainable economic and social development.

Service Excellence

Over 40 year of unblemished track record of successful completion of large scale communication project for local and foreign telecom operators

Through qualified manpower and latest technology used in implementation has assured service excellence for end user.

Committed to deliver networks which last for long and value for money in term of expected Quality.

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Water Supply Scheme Of Tangalle Project

Water Supply & Sewerage,