Sierra Construction


Sewerage Collection Network and Allied Works

Design and Build Basis for Sewerage Collection Network, Sewerage Pumping Stations and Wastewater Treatment Plant (1694 m3/day) and Allied Works in Gdh.Thinadhoo Island

Construction of;

  • 20,000 m of 1,600 mm dia PVC pipe laying works
  • 1,800 house connections using 7,000 m of 110 mm dia pipes
  • 4,000 m of 110 mm, 180 mm and 280 mm dia HDPE pipe laying works
  • 11 pump stations
  • Design and construction of Sewerage Treatment plant of capacity 1694 m3 / day including Sewerage Pumping Station (11nos) and Administration building
  • Client: Ministry of Environment and Energy, Republic of Maldives
  • Location: Maldives