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Integrated Road Investment Program

Integrated Road Investment Program- Tranche 2-/ Rehabilitation / Improvement of 77 Km of Rural Roads in Kandy District – Contract 1 Including Performance Based Maintenance for Three Years.
Scope Scope Scope

This road package covered seven divisional secretarial divisions in Kandy district, i.e. medadumbara, pathadumbara, ududumbara, panvila, minipe, kundasale, akurana, yatinuwara, udunuwara, gangaihala korale, pasbage korale and udapalatha.


Total road length of this package was 76.2 km and it had 12 PRDA roads and all other 5 roads are Pradeshiya Sabha roads.

Almost all road in the package is very narrow, width of the roads are around 3 m and the road terrain was mountainous.  The existing road surfaces were extremely damaged.

Rehabilitation/Improvement works were consisted of strengthening base of existing pavement where necessary, widening of the carriageway to the required standard, rebuilding the shoulders to the required width with soft shoulder on either side, followed by asphalt concrete surfacing to the carriageway.

Longitudinal drainage works involved the provision/rehabilitation of earth drains and unlined longitudinal drains. Transvers drainage improvements involved the extension and replacement of existing culverts.

The works also involved provision of safety measures such as roundabouts, center islands, guard rails, parking bays, road marking and road signs.

Roadway excavation – 11,078 Cu.m

Embankment – 17,259 Cu.m

Sub base – 7,642 Cu.m

Aggregate Base Course –  47,186 Cu.m

Asphalt Concrete – 31,947 Tonne

Concrete Work – 3, 632 Cu.m

  • Client: Road Development Authority
  • Location: Kandy, Sri Lanka