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Rehabilitation Of National Highways

Rehabilitation of National Highways with Concrete Surfacing Through Domestic Contractors- Tennekumbura Kandehandiya Road(0+000 to 20+400Km0 & Kandehandiya, Randenigala Road
Scope Scope Scope

This project was located in Kandy and the total road length was 34 km.


Road construction works included Demolition and rebuilding of structures and obstructions, Earth works, sub base and base preparations, Asphaltic concrete surfacing and reconstruction of pavement, Provision of hard shoulder and soft shoulder, Construction of roadside and lead-way drains, Construction and extension of box culverts, pipe culverts, Provision of kerbs, bus bays and bus-shelters and Road furniture.

  • Roadway excavation – 15,580 Cu.m
  • Embankment – 22,388 Cu.m
  • Sub base – 10,960 Cu.m
  • Aggregate Base Course –  52,301 Cu.m
  • Asphalt Concrete – 64,610 Tonne
  • Concrete Work – 6,343 Cu.m
  • Client: Road Development Authority
  • Location: Tennekumbura, Sri Lanka