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Sierra Masterminds 2023 Finale

The Grand finale of the Sierra MasterMinds Quiz competition was successfully held on Tuesday, 9th May 2023. The Chairman Mr. Priyantha Perera, along with all the directors of Sierra Construction Limited, Sectional heads representing each sector, and some of the officials attended physically for the event as invitees. Grand Finale was live streamed through the Sierra MasterMinds YouTube channel. The championship’s ultimate face-off took place between the Road PIO 01 Team and the Telecom Sabaragamuwa Stars Team. After a fiercely contested battle, the Road PIO 01 Team emerged victorious, clinching the championship title. The Transformation team orchestrated this competition as a part of the Vision 2025 program. The goal was to foster a deeper understanding and endorsement of transformation concepts within Sierra, and to promote a knowledge-driven organization and increase employee engagement. 170 participants, grouped into 28 teams, represented their respective sectors from all corners of the country in the competition, exhibiting their unique talents. The first two rounds of the competition were conducted online and from the final 8, there were physical games. Games were planned with an engaging and attractive competition rounds structure which tested the speed and concentration of the participants. Also, very interesting and valuable questions were included in each game.

The Transformation team achieved the following goals at the end of the Sierra Master Minds competition.

  • Improving Inter-sector harmony and fellowship
  • Promoting employee engagement within the company
  • Familiarize the underlying concepts of Vision 2025 among the Employees
  • Improving the technical knowledge regarding online platforms
  • improving the Teamwork
  • Promoting a knowledge-seeking and knowledge-sharing culture within the company.







Sierra MasterMinds Quiz competition, aligned with the Vision 2025 program and organized by the transformation team, marked yet another successful event in Transformation Team’s Event portfolio.

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